ok i couldn’t find the big versions of the bottom two i think i have them on my hard drive somewhere but i found others from the same shoot 


Life ruiners (in no particular order) Eddie Vedder

We are such a remarkable species. Capable of creating beauty. 

Capable of awe-inspiring advancements. We must be capable of

resolving conflicts without bloodshed. [x]”

manic-subsidal: lmao i thought it was i was so confused

i know first time i saw it i was like wtf i need explanations 

my parents play scrabble all the time and my dad has just got into bird watching what the fuck is happening to them


sass from the gay man




dirtymagic looky

um second one where on earth did u purchase that 

the merch store!

how much did it cost you to get it to the UK? i need it omg


dirtymagic looky

um second one where on earth did u purchase that 

Paul Simonon, Japan 1982

by Sho Kikuchi


Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam (1991)

Title: Wolf Like Me
Artist: TV on the Radio
Played: 696 times

TV On The Radio | Wolf Like Me

let me lay waste to thee


What do you guys do when you aren’t touring?”

requested by anon (the writing is bigger now!) 


this is a random thanks for everyone on here that deals with offspring stuff because you guys made me summer 100000 times more better and its been a blast talking to you guys even if its just a quick sentence or leaving something in my ask box because you guys are really rad and i basically dont go outside because im a massive loser but You guys made me feel sooo much better about everything! Sorry for the horrible punctuated post but ily all

awh don’t think ur a massive loser ily! this is totally true tho like u guys are my faves