does anyone have this interview anymore?? i used to have it but i can’t fuckin find it anywhere 


Spinnerette - I Will Refuse

i know all the words to glamorous by fergie impressive right??????? 

t a l e n t 

Remember When Typing Like This Was A Cool Thing To Do then it was tHiS wHiCh TaKeS a LoT oF eFfOrT

msn dayz

that song clip from garbage has made me super excited omfg when they tour again i’m getting tickets straight away they’re amazing live 


Song of the day.

a guy i was ~interested in once said that brody dalle isn’t attractive/hot which i take as a personal insult


moth to light - garbage

I don’t know if that’s the actual name they’re gonna use for the song and I know it’s old news but I can’t stop listening to this clip and I can’t believe they’re actually releasing new music next year omfg I’m dying.


katie dirtymagic's comments/captions/tags on stuff do nothing short of making my life…keep on keepin on

i love ur face x

how is trevor not everyones fave on gta 5 

wow here is the back of their heads 

wow here is the back of their heads 

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