my name is katie. i'm 19. i'm from england. i like the offspring loads.

ask me shit


(by Danny Payne)

as a joke i told one of my lecturers that i was going to do interpretative dance for my presentation and i think she thinks i’m actually doing it cos every time i see her she says “i can’t wait, it’s going to be so good” (in a soft scottish accent idk why thats important it just is) 

Another year has passed and I’m alright
I lick the salt from my wounds and run into the night

“Well, my mom is a single mom. She grew up in a different era, and she kind of rebelled against that era. She’s kind of wild and opinionated and confrontational. Growing up with that, I think, was really good for me to see. So I’ve never been afraid of that in women, I never thought it was weird or odd or unacceptable. I never really even realized that I was a girl. I mean, I knew I was a girl, but I was never told that I couldn’t do something because of my vagina. The possibilities were endless. And you could tell someone to fuck off or have an opinion or go next door and knock on the door looking for me with your shirt off and your boobs out scaring the neighborhood. (laughs) I grew up with a really feminist, politically active mom and I’m really grateful for it. And the older I get, and having kids of my own, I just appreciate it and I’m grateful for it.
I’ve never thought of women as unequal. I know we still don’t get paid the same amount and there’s all kinds of injustices toward women, women don’t own their bodies in certain countries, they don’t have rights in certain countries, and I just can’t— it fucking blows my mind. It blows my mind that there’s still that kind of demoralization going on. And then you look at what’s happening in Russia, I feel like they’re going backwards. Gay people? Are you fucking out of your mind?
But yes, I am 100% feminist. It’s not that I’m not man-ist. I’m pro-human, but women have fucking taken… they have really taken a pounding right from the beginning on all kinds of levels, spiritual, mental, physical. There’s been a lot of psychic damage. I’m absolutely pro-female, I feel really connected to women.”

Brody Dalle, 2014 | “What role has feminism played in your life?” [X]

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asking again cos yeah. what time did brody come on for the past two gigs in england? and how much is merch? 

train times and being a poor student issues


coral fang, sing sing death house or the distillers s/t GO

this is too cruel all of them i can’t choose


Diploid Love is fucking fantastic.

best dream I’ve ever had

yea my friends surname is cheeseman

best dream I’ve ever had

yea my friends surname is cheeseman

they’ve moved onto you’re beautiful by james blunt, i’m out forever

drown them out with punk

i have my headphones in but occasionally i take them out to hear them still singing. they’ve covered every song ever but right now its girls just wanna have fun (obviously) 

my housemates are having a loud karaoke session please feel sorry for me


Red Hot Chili Peppers- Stadium Arcadium


I think no matter what people say about her, she’s got one of the most distinctive voices, no one sounds like her. She rocks when she keeps it simple and lets it rip. I’m happy with the new track. It hasn’t got a Skinny Little Bitch kinda hook which was cool about that song but it goes really fucking hard and that’s how I like Courtney.

I really love it. I think its pretty different for her, like she’s obviously done fast paced before but this just seems really new and refreshing. That screaming also ugh yes